Bouncy Castle Designs

Designing Your Own Bouncy Castle

I would like to thank bouncy castle hire for the opportunity to design a castle for them. Entertaining children is not very difficult, all it needs is some creativity to keep them hooked to the activity that you have in mind for them. Children can have a great time whether they are indoors or outdoors. Outdoor activities can be particularly fun for children, as they get to have enough space to get rid of pent up energy. One of … Read More

Trade Show Bouncy Castle Designs

I had not known there were different designs of bouncy castles until I went to an inflatable trade show and saw a variety of designs. I had not attended such a trade show previously and therefore I thought only the ordinary and basic design existed. I was introduced to a company called Inflatable Hire Birmingham who showed me some of the designs on display, some had even added features which made them unique and have attractive looks.

Some of the … Read More