I had not known there were different designs of bouncy castles until I went to an inflatable trade show and saw a variety of designs. I had not attended such a trade show previously and therefore I thought only the ordinary and basic design existed. I was introduced to a company called Inflatable Hire Birmingham who showed me some of the designs on display, some had even added features which made them unique and have attractive looks.

Some of the designs that I saw were bouncy castles that were shaped as animals, houses and cars amongst other things which are known to please kids. The shapes ranged from lions, tigers, birds, small cars and even buses. The various animals and cars even had colors which made them look like the actual animals. For instance; the one shaped as tigers had the complete tiger colors including the black stripes which are usually on real tigers. They really where works of art. I learnt that the primary essence of shaping these castles in this way was to make the children playing on them feel as if they are engaging with the animals and cars shaped.

I also saw castles with pools inside them where the children playing could even play on the water. These castles were designed using almost similar materials that were used to make the others but on the pool area there were more stronger materials so as to hold the water in place. The pools were not very deep which I learnt was to enhance the safety of the playing children. Such bouncy castles had openings just like the others where children could get in and out. But they were relatively bigger in size since a space to hold the pools required to be created.

At the inflatable trade show I also saw inflatables with ladders and stairs where children could climb to higher floors of the castles. This means that children get the opportunity to either play on the floor space just like in ordinary inflatable or use the stairs and ladders to climb to higher floors. I understood that the ground floor is primarily for the very young children while the upper floor is for bigger children who could safely climb the ladders and stairs. These castles were also bigger since they had to accommodate the stairs and ladders.

Furthermore, I also saw castles with bouncy trees where the children could bounce as they climb the trees. The trees are designed in a way that the children could climb easily and get on top without struggling whilst retaining their artistic integrity. At the bottom of these trees it was soft in case children decided to jump or accidentally fall from the top. From what I saw on the inflatable trade show I came to realize that by applying creativity bouncy castles can be made to be more attractive and appealing to the children who play on them.